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Growers, Exporters / Importers of Horticultural and Floricultural Products

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Our company was established back in 1993 and has blossomed into Kenya's Floricultural and Horticultural sector.

We are active in the growing, processing, marketing and distribution of sustainably produced roses and other fresh cut flowers, premium, prepared fruits/vegetables and fresh herbs.

Our farms are situated along the equator on the Kenyan highlands that offer ideal growing conditions for flowers and fruits/vegetables, with consistent temperatures and regular rainfall.

Our farms include:

roses roses
  • Naivasha -South lake and North lake - (Roses, Spray and Standard Carnations, Fresh produce & other fresh cuts flower
  • Mount Kenya Regions - Nanyuki - (Spray Carnations, large headed roses, Tenderstem, Broccoli, French beans, Runner beans, Sugar snaps fruits Mangetouts, Passion as well as a range of fresh herbs)
  • Embu County – Avocadoes, Mangoes and Passion fruits.

  • The Group is a core supplier to most of the leading UK multiple retailers, as well as internationally to customers in Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Japan and Australia..

    roses roses

    The Group’s supply chain model is balanced between its own large-scale professional farms operating in Kenya and Ethiopia, combined with long-term sourcing partnerships with a global network of vertically integrated third party suppliers and out growers to offer our customers the highest quality product range and consistent year-round supply.

    We employ a highly trained workforce of over 10,000 individuals who facilitate all phases of floriculture and horticulture ventures. Staff members foster seedlings, develop strategic planting improvement techniques and monitor plant growth and constantly check for the presence of plant diseases and insects. The company utilizes the latest pest control and soil management techniques.

    roses roses

    We additionally develop new variety of roses by conducting research. Orchestrating the production of healthy, vigorous and disease resistant roses, we also carefully develop feeding schedules to determine which, plant foods produce the most beautiful and long lasting blooms. This is why we are among the best producers of quality fresh cut flowers in Africa.

    The company’s processes and systems have precisely been built over the years comprising of an elaborate cool chain and quality management systems. As the latest flagship project, the company has invested on a 250kw solar power generation unit to reduce on electricity costs as well as walking towards a cheaper, cleaner and more environmentally friendly energy

    roses roses

    The company supplies quality fresh cut flowers and fruits/vegetables mainly to UK and Europe market but with a small growing business to new markets in Eastern Europe, Middle and Far East.

    Through the company’s corporate social responsibility programs, the organization has continued to strategically support the livelihoods of the local community via social amenities, source of employment and leveraging upto 70% of the businesses in the district both directly and indirectly.

    An extensive range is available to the most discerning of customers and with continuous development and improvement in production techniques, operating to all European roses rosesstandards, food safety and quality is assured.

    Over these past years, the company has continuously improved its social and environmental aspects hence getting globally accredited with world class accreditations including Fairtrade (2004), Leaf (2007), MPS A (2001), MPS – SQ, ETI & GAP (2003) and BOPP.


    Our Objective

    Our objective is to become one of the leading market brand in the most competitive markets in the world

    Our Goal

    Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

    Mission Statement

    We are committed to provide our products at the right time at the right place with zero tolerance.

    Vision Statement

    To be referred as the most favorable company in Agribusiness globally.

    Our Achievements

    Our high quality product range and consistent year-round supply has ensured our stability in the growing and competitive horticulture and floriculture market around the globe and this has kept us in business since 1993.

    Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Quality Service
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Accountability
  • Our Manpower

    Our manpower comprises of competent professionals in every department to ensure every end product is of the best quality. Our clients are therefore assured of efficient and good quality products.

    Business Defination

    A business is essentially defined by its vision, mission and core values. These mentioned components provide a sense of the organization’s direction as well as what it’s major and critical activities should be. Core values in particular convey the expected behaviors of employees who are central to business value creation and service delivery.

    Interstate Trade Company Ltd is a market leading Horticulture and Floriculture business with a worldwide footprint that covers the farming, production, sales and marketing of flowers and fresh produce. We offer challenging but rewarding careers in a dynamic and evolving environment.